Commercial Actors

Maria Karpathakis is represented by Commercial Actors.

Her personal Site at the Agency can be found here as well as availability calender and booking options.

A breif presentation of the agency is found below:

" is a site provided by Commercial Actors Agency International. We are an agency specializing in representation of experienced actors for commercial productions on an international basis.

The site’s purpose is not only to display our actors and their profiles, but also to provide members with tools for easier booking of actors directly for shoot or, if preferred called in for a casting.

Malou Tallroth Schultzberg (CEO) has a long background within casting business and film making. She is the founder of a casting company and has done casting for hundreds of commercials, feature films, TV-series, and much more. Her experience in casting has given her important knowledge about the business and an eye for talent. Moreover, Malou has vast experience in directing commercials, music videos and short films.

Jonas Tallroth (Head of Agents) has his background within the field of Human Resources at a high level in global companies, where talent management has been one of the main pillars of success. Further to that, Jonas has solid experience in contractual matters. Jonas has lived many years abroad, gaining experience from both cultural awareness and different languages."